AIMS Co-Director Dr. Standish is presenting on a panel at…

AIMS Co-Director Dr. Standish is presenting on a panel at…

The conference this Sunday 4/25/21 at 3:10pm PST on “The Medicalization of Ayahuasca: Promises, Challenges, and Reciprocity”


A Virtual Psychedelic Summit on the Globalization of Plant Medicines and Indigenous Reciprocity

April 23rd-25th, 2021

This global virtual summit will bring together Indigenous leaders from throughout North, Central and South America as well as researchers, practitioners, community builders and other experts from around the world. We will discuss the potential benefits and harms of the globalization of psychedelic plant medicines and explore how we can offer reciprocity to honor the Indigenous cultures and traditions that these medicines come from. It is vital that members of the psychedelic community help support Indigenous groups and the traditional spiritual and ecological knowledge they preserve and practice. This gathering is a follow-up to our conference, Plantas Sagradas en las Américas, held in Mexico in 2018. Like our previous conferences, this event reflects the mission of Chacruna by applying a multidisciplinary approach for creating intercultural dialogues and building bridges between Indigenous traditions and mainstream psychedelic science and policy. Indigenous voices have often been marginalized in the contemporary psychedelic conversation, and this event seeks to spotlight these voices and the invaluable wisdom they carry. We will explore how psychoactive plants have been used throughout history and in different geographical areas, as well as their use and active compounds in multiple contexts; including scientific research, empirical experience, cultural manifestations and the ways in which the state has administered these practices. Presentations will address the traditional and modern uses of various psychoactive plants and include a diverse range of perspectives and fields of knowledge. In doing so, this conference invites us to rethink dichotomies such as sacred vs. profane, modern vs. traditional, legal vs. illegal, and natural vs. artificial, thus bringing much-needed complexity and nuance to the mainstream conversation.

In parallel with this event, Chacruna will launch its new Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas, a comprehensive online resource that will allow people to connect with and donate to grassroots Indigenous nonprofits and community initiatives at the local level.

About IRI’s Launch – April 23, 2021

As part of the launch for the Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas (IRI), Chacruna is organizing a private, invite-only event on Friday, April 23rd for businesses, investors and donors that are wanting to give back to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous-led grassroots organizations. We believe this is a very important and timely conversation, and we hope to set a standard that will help shape the uncertain future of our field in ways that honors its roots. If you represent an organization or are an individual donor or investor that is looking to support this work, we invite you to reach out to for more information.

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