This research study is to find out how well our patients do when they receive Advanced Integrative Specialty Care at the AIMS Institute. The purpose is to describe patient characteristics and health outcomes in those receiving advanced integrative specialty care at the AIMS Institute. Participants include patients receiving care at the AIMS Institute and the focus of the study is chronic and serious illness and mental health conditions.  You will not directly benefit from the study. However, you may benefit from the medical care you receive and information gathered during the course of this study may help us begin to assess the longer-term effects of advanced integrative specialty outpatient care on health outcomes.

To learn more, read the full informed consent below. If you have more questions regarding the informed consent or about AMOS, you can discuss it with your AIMS provider at the time of your visit.  Clinical NCT04512755.


AMOS Adult Informed Consent


AMOS Parental-Guardian Permission Form


AMOS Minor Assent Form