Professional Education, Consulting and Supervision

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have placed on hold our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Experiential Training for Providers which was due to launch in May 2020. See below for information about this offering.

​Our Lead Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Nathaniel Schmidt, and our Lead Psychotherapist, Dr. Alison Draisin, are now offering individual health professional education, consulting, and supervision services. Dr. Schmidt provides education and consulting regarding the clinical administration of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and related topics such as psychedelic harm reduction. Dr. Draisin’s supervision services, which are open to therapists with 3+ years of professional experience, are geared towards psychedelic integration, harm reduction, and cannabis and mental health. These services are offered by the hour at an hourly rate of $275/hr for Dr. Schmidt and $175/hr for Dr. Draisin. Please contact the front desk at 206-420-1321 or info (at) to inquire and schedule.

​Dr. Nathaniel Schmidt has created a webinar, Introduction to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, in 3 parts. These are comprehensive and cover history, psychopharmacology, clinical and programmatic issues. These files are available for purchase and download for $275. Contact info (at)

​AIMS Institute is now hosting a regular Health Professionals and Psychedelics Meetup through the Seattle Psychedelic Society. See for future dates and times and to RSVP.