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We are working to bring Psychedelic Medicines to the Seattle area and integrate them into the healthcare system that is in desperate need of novel treatments. The current mainstream approaches of “a pill for every ill” is essentially “bandaids on bullet wounds” and is not adequately treating the severe trauma/addiction and global/existential issues that our community, nation, and planet are facing at this time. For example, only 20-30% of patients with PTSD treated with standard antidepressant therapy show a positive response to treatment.

We founded the Advanced Integrative Medical Science Institute to offer holistic care and conduct research and are currently conducting ketamine assisted psychotherapy. We have found this be have a profound positive impact on the health of our patients. We are hoping to work with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) to raise money for our ayahuasca research and will be attending the World Ayahuasca Conference in Spain to gain broader support. We are also applying to become an approved expanded access site to offer MDMA assisted psychotherapy. This is a groundbreaking, transformative therapy that has shown response rates of up to 83% in clinical studies for PTSD.

Unfortunately, we are like David taking on Goliath with the powers that be in a capitalistic model run by the healthcare industrial complex. This bureaucracy has little interest in funding or supporting our endeavors, which are somewhat costly and labor intensive to do right. The first step to be able to study and offer these treatments to the public is to complete the expanded access training through MAPS which will cost us $20,000 to have one medical doctor and one nurse practitioner trained. A later step will be getting our Seattle clinic site approved to conduct the therapy. Our application for this is currently in process. We pledge to offer this therapy in a socially responsible fashion.

We are asking likeminded individuals of the Seattle community and beyond who believe in the transformational power of these medicines to help us fulfill our mission to offer real affordable healing at AIMS Institute. We have the facility, the clinicians, and the expertise to get the job done, but are up against great financial obstacles. We are asking from a sincere heartfelt place for any financial assistance that you may able to provide big or small. We were given short notice on our acceptance into the training which takes place May 4-11, 2019, in Ft. Collins, CO.

With love, gratitude, and thanks,
AIMS institute



Statement: Trauma is very difficult to treat. Mind, body, and spirit are all connected. Adverse childhood events often manifest in the physical. It is challenging to get to the root of trauma when people are stuck in a state of fight or flight, numb, dissociating, and re-living. Often to cope maladaptive patterns and addictions ensue. These medicines have the power to accelerate healing of deep rooted wounds by providing deep insight and a shift in perspective that traditional treatments don’t seem to touch. From frustration of working in critical care, various mental health settings and addiction treatment facilities, I am passionate about bringing these medicines out from the shadows and legitimize their use.

Bio: Nathan Schmidt, DNP, ARNP, PMHNP-BC is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner dedicated on relieving emotional suffering by addressing its root causes. By focusing on diet, reducing inflammation through healing the guy, supplementation, sleep hygiene, exercise, stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy/mindfulness techniques, and developing a spiritual practice Dr. Schmidt’s clients can often minimize and slowly discontinue medication usage. He specializes in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for treatment resistant conditions and also offers counseling in the integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Statement: I am passionate about being able to prescribe a powerful therapy like MDMA that has the potential to facilitate healing on the psychospiritual and emotional levels. So many of us suffer from the ongoing repercussions of trauma, and I have learned in my work with ketamine-assisted therapy that it is possible to reset default modes and help catalyze healing, not only to achieve relief from psychological distress and unnecessary pain and suffering, but also to renew one’s relationships with oneself, community, and cosmos. Additionally, using medicines that were vilified and demonized in the drug war for radical healing, I believe helps us all heal from these damaging policies.

Bio: Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD, FAAPMR is a board-certified doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation and hospice and palliative medicine who practices trauma-informed, integrative medicine, with a special clinical interest on ketamine assisted therapy and medical cannabis. He chairs the integrative medicine special interest group at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and served on the Editorial Advisory Board for the National Cancer Institute’s Cannabis and Cannabinoid Information Summary. He is passionate about destigmatization of cannabis and psychedelic medicine, and harnessing the transformative potential of these therapies. He is a affiliate assistant professor of Medicine and Geography at the University of Washington.

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