INTRODUCING Closed-Group KAP at the AIMS Institute

INTRODUCING Closed-Group KAP at the AIMS InstituteTo our beloved community,

We’ve noticed an uptick in disconnection, social anxiety, and the need for social connection among our patients. Isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can tax our coping skills and make it harder to heal from underlying psychoemotional distress. We believe that healing and reconnection to ourselves are best done within a supportive community.

“The essence of trauma is disconnection…so the real question is: How did we get separated and how do we connect?” – Dr. Gabor Mate, author, and physician

To address this need, we are offering a 7-week Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program, beginning Thursday, January 19th, 2023. Weeks will alternate between integration and experiential sessions as a group and will be capped at 5 people with two AIMS guides. Traditionally, psychedelic or entheogenic medicines are often used in the community, as psychoemotional work is potent with the support and reciprocity of peers. The synergy within group work makes this series far greater than the sum of its parts, and as such this closed-group series allows for a unique, intentional group experience.

Thursday, January 19th: Group Meet & Preparation (virtual)

Thursday, January 26th: Group Experiential (in office)

Thursday, February 2nd: Group Integration (virtual)

Thursday, February 9th: Group Experiential (in office)

Thursday, February 16th: Group Integration (virtual)

Thursday, February 23rd: Group Experiential (in office)

Thursday, March 2nd: Group Integration and Closing (virtual)



Integration visits are billable to insurance or $305 out of pocket. Please see our website for insurance paneling information.

Experiential sessions are $525 each; $1575 for the three in the program



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