AIMS Institute provides patients with integrative medical and health services at our clinic and via our telemedicine & tele-education programs. We care for patients individually, and where appropriate, in groups.

Our health professional team offers:

  • Oncologic, neurologic, and psychiatric naturopathic medicine physician consultation
  • Palliative and rehabilitation medicine physician consultation
  • Psychiatric mental health advanced practice nursing consultation
  • Psychotherapy and mental health counseling
  • Nursing care

We are able to provide specialized medical evaluation and management, genetic and metabolic testing and interpretation, physical medicine, medication management, phytomedicine, individualized IV therapies, acupuncture, supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and ketamine-assisted integrative therapy.

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We offer the following specialized patient care programs:

Integrative & Naturopathic Oncology

Integrative oncology care at AIMS Institute provides state-of-the-science therapies based on genomics, anti-cancer immunity, individual biochemistry and psychospiritual status.

We offer: Specialist Consultation, Intravenous (IV) Therapy, Immunotherapy, & Epigenetic Targeted Phytotherapies

Integrative Neurology

The AIMS Institute believes therapeutic lifestyle interventions, stress-reduction, and behavioral interventions can act as successful adjunct therapy for chronic medical conditions.

We offer: Specialist Consultation, & Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Integrative & Transpersonal Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Extending the biopsychosocial model of psychiatry to a biopsychosocial-spiritual one, transpersonal psychiatry is psychiatry that seeks to heal traumas, correct arrests, and foster development at all levels.

We offer: Specialist Consultation, Medication Management, Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, & Ketamine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Palliative Care

The AIMS Institute uses complementary and integrative medical approaches in palliative care with integrative modalities such as meditation, acupuncture, and use of phytomedicines and supplements for palliation.

We offer: Specialist Consultation, Nursing Care, Ketamine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy, & Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Integrative Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine focuses on improving health, functional performance, and participation in life’s activities for people who have disabling conditions and diseases. We provide this integrative medical care with coordinated in-house co-management of patients with a rehabilitation medicine specialist alongside a naturopathic medicine physician.

We offer: Specialist Consultation, & Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Additional Services

Medical Cannabis education led by Masters-level educators

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Movement from Within

Medical Qi Gong Classes led by licensed physical therapists

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