Seattle IV TherapyHere at AIMS, we believe that intravenous therapies can have significant medical benefits. It should be made available to ailing patients regardless of their income.

Because medical insurance companies consider most IV Therapy experimental we cannot directly bill insurance for IV therapy; however, we provide a detailed superbill for you to submit to your insurance company. It is worth submitting, because sometimes an insurance company will reimburse.

Please note, patients receiving high dose Vitamin C infusions are generally scheduled for a 6-week course of treatment.

IV Costs range from $230-410.*

Contact the office at (206) 420-1321.

*Late cancellations within 48 hours of appointment are subject to a $175 fee or $300 fee for a parenteral phytomedicine.
**Patient fees are due at the time of service. Superbills are provided. Coverage varies depending on your insurer and benefits package.

IV Therapy Prep Overview