Your team consists of an MD, 2 ARNP’s, and 2 psychotherapists. Each of our ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) programs consist of an initial intake by an MD or Nurse Practitioner in which you will be screened medically and psychologically to determine if this treatment is appropriate for you.

If appropriate, KAP begins with a preparation appointment where we work with you to help you set an intention for your treatment. We will discuss with you what to expect, dietary and medication considerations, as well as before and aftercare.

After the initial intake and preparation appointment, you will be placed into a 6-week program in which ketamine-assisted therapy will be provided in either one of the following ways:

  1. Deep Dive KAP session: intramuscular (IM) ketamine-assisted psychotherapy session. Each session is approximately 120 minutes. After every ketamine-assisted psychotherapy session, there is an integration follow up session
  2. Lower dose KAP session: intramuscular (IM) ketamine-assisted psychotherapy session. Each session is 120 minutes. After every KAP session, there is an integration follow up session.

After completing your individual KAP program, if appropriate, you may have the option to join our Group KAP program.

While enrolled in any of our KAP programs, we offer a bi-weekly KAP Integration Group. It helps to solidify insights, build support/community, and increase connection. Although this is optional it is STRONGLY recommended to optimize the benefits of KAP.

KAP Pricing*

KAP Session Price Late Cancellation Fee
(Within 48 hours of Visit)
Individual KAP $910 $250
Group KAP $455 $250
pain infusion
$305 $150
Ketamine-Cannabis Pain
Psychology Treatment
$405 $250
Individual Tele-KAP $455 $250

*Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and ketamine for pain are currently considered experimental therapies by major insurance companies. AIMS Institute can directly bill insurance companies we are contracted with for medical/psychiatric screening, preparation, integration, and psychotherapy visits. For experiential ketamine-assisted therapy sessions, fees will be collected at the time of service. For Tele-KAP, $250 fee is also applied for session ended due to early technical failure.

Other KAP Resources

This list is by no means exhaustive, but represents a variety of different resources about the therapeutic usage of ketamine.