Surrending To The Void

Surrending To The Voidby Dan Vinkovetsky aka Danny Danko:
I spoke with Dr. Alison Draisin PsyD, LMHC, lead psychotherapist and Director of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Provider Training at the AIMS Institute, to discover more about her knowledge of Cannabis and psychedelics as a tool in psychotherapy, and in particular, for patients who are preparing for their deaths. “End of life therapy using these plant and fungal medicines isn’t about healing and recovery, but instead about acceptance, pain management and feeling peace within themselves,” explains Dr. Draisin. “The spiritual awakenings can be quite cathartic for the patients and observing their experiences has brought me peace as well. It’s so lovely and powerful to bear witness to people’s journeys to discover death with peace.”

Story by @dannydankoht
Illustration by @outsideartwork
Photo by @david_goodman_photos
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